• Why should I consider using your fixture conversion kits instead of just buying a new energy efficient fixture?

    If the goal you are trying to achieve by pursuing a lighting retrofit is to save energy and receive equivalent or better light output, then our conversion kits should be considered. With our patent-pending conversion kits, you will find that they are easy to install, the energy savings is 50-80% and little recycling is necessary. We are proud to say that we are helping to save the environment by not filling our landfills full of perfectly good fixtures to help our customers become energy efficient.

  • Are the conversion kits and the fixtures made by SHER LIGHTING using the same patent-pending technology?

    Both products are very energy efficient and deliver better energy saving than our competition. When using our kits and fixtures, you will also save on your future maintenance expense.

  • A lot of the product that SHER LIGHTING designs and manufactures is using CFL (compact fluorescent lamps)?
    Isn't that old technology and do they operate in cold weather?

    Lamp manufactures have re-developed the CFL products to be better than ever. With this new lamp technology, the compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) have been reformulated to operate better then before. It is said that the CFL is the new incandescent lamp. With this new technology the CFL lamp has a rated longer lamp life, instant start, operates in cold temperatures, only 7% lamp color change over lamp life and very small amount of amalgam mercury used in each lamp that is 99.9 % recyclable. Very affordable to operate.

  • Does SHER LIGHTING use LED in any of their products?

    SHER LIGHTING offers LED in many of their product lines. We offer CFL, LED and Induction options. If cost of the LED is an issue, we have designed most of our CFL kits to convert over to LED when the LED components are more affordable.

  • Does SHER LIGHTING offer a good warranty for their products.

    Our warranty is better than most. Our CFL ballast comes with a 5 year warranty, with lamps rated at 20,000 hours. Our LED product has a 5 year warranty (and rated at 60,000 hours). Our reflector comes with a 25 year warranty.

    • What is the estimated time for product delivery following an order being place with SHER LIGHTING?

      Most orders are delivered within 14 days from the time the order has been approved and processed. Some custom design orders could take longer, but we strive to deliver product in a timely manner.

    • Does the SHER LIGHTING products receive LEED credits.


    • We are looking for a lighting retrofit product that will work efficiently and give a great ROI (Return On Investment). Do you offer such a product? ?

      Yes, our products offer both a great energy savings and a ROI (Return on Investment). We can show the energy savings prior to purchasing the products from SHER LIGHTING.

    • If I have a fixture to retrofit, but do not know if you have a conversion kit for it. Can I have a kit made and how do I go about it?

      Yes, the designing of fixtures is at the desecration of the Company, but the first step is to take a photo of the picture or send the fixture spec sheet to the contact information on our website at www.sherlighting.com and we will get back to you right away with an answer. We have over 90 different kits designed, so hopefully we already have what you are looking for.

    • Do you custom design interior fixtures?

      Yes, designing aesthetically pleasing fixtures - as we call it "functional art" is one thing Sher Lighting offers that many of our competitors do not. We have the ability to laser cut out designs to match customer's decor' or even put a company logo into a wall sconce. We use our patent-pending technology with a piece of art.

      • Your pricing seems to be very competitive and you offer "custom" design. Do you charge extra for the design piece?

        No, the owner specializes in design and offers that as part of her great service to her customers.

      • I see on the web site that Sher Lighting offers kits for exterior Shoebox fixtures that operate using CFL lamps. Is there a problem with
        re-strike in the cold weather?

        NO.....We have had these fixtures running outside in Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana for over 5 years and there has been absolutely no problem in the cold. The ballasts used are rated for -20 and have seen much colder weather and continue to operate great. These fixtures are all on photo-eyes or timers and operate great. We tell customers that if they are concerned with these fixtures not turning on in the very cold weather (like -45 degrees), then to cover the photo-eye or bypass the timer during the very cold spell and keep the light fixtures running.

      • I own a hotel that has 260 interior wall sconces down the corridors. These are fixtures that match our decor' nicely, but the operations of
        these fixtures are a 2-pin fluorescent lamp and ballast. I was recently told that I cant buy new ballasts for these fixtures. Do you have
        a solution for me or do I have to throw these beautiful fixtures away and replace with a new style of fixture?

        That is a great question and one we a re glad you asked. Sher Lighting has custom designed a patent-pending back plate for these type of wall sconces that convert the operations to either a screw in (medium base socket) where you can use a self- ballast CFL or a LED twist lamp or even an induction lamp. The good news is that we can save you an additional 50% off of your current energy bill with our product. With this new operation system, you will no longer have to deal with a ballast. It will save not only on the energy consumption, but also with the maintenance costs. Note: We can also design our backplate using a hard-wired LED product of with a 4-pin CFL system. You just tell us what you want.

      • Our business has a lot of exterior fixtures that consume a lot of energy, but there are many different type of fixtures. If we use your products
        to retrofit, will we have to deal with a lot of different lamps and ballast types for our maintenance?

        When Sher Lighting completes a lighting retrofit for our customers we try to design conversion kits that all use the same lamp and ballast everywhere (in all the different fixtures throughout the property) to help with future maintenance. Each fixture may have a different lamp/ballast configuration, but we try to accommodate our customers initial and future needs. Also, most of our CFL kits can easily convert to our LED product in the future, when this option is more affordable.

      • Is Sher Lighting a USA based company?

        Yes. Our headquarters is based out of Minnesota and our products are USA made

        • Does Sher Lighting sell anything other than light fixtures. Do you have other electrical products?

          Yes. Sher Lighting is a unique company in that we are not only a lighting design and manufacturer, but we are also an Electrical Contractor and we can distribute and install other electrical products. Being a women owned company, we do business with many electrical contractors that need to satisfy their minority commitments when bidding and running some of their projects. Sher Lighting is a great company to work with.

        • Since Sher Lighting is a women owned company. What kind of certifications, if any do you have?

          Sher Lighting has the current certifications: WBE, DBE, TGB, SBA, and Hud Section-3 St. Paul, MN. We can bid Federal and State of Minnesota work. We can apply for the DBE in other state, but have not done so at this time.

        • I am an owner of a Gas Station with a small Convenience Store. My canopy lights located over the gas pumps are 400w MH and cost me a lot to operate. Do you have a kit designed for this type of application?

          Yes. We have a 144w CFL Kit or a 65w LED Kit that would convert your existing metal halide fixture. You will receive the fastest ROI with the CFL and this kit operates great. It comes with a five year warranty on the ballast and the lamps are at 20,000 hours. If these fixtures operate on a photo-eye, that is approximately five years before you should have to change a lamp. We have designed most of our kits to adapt to the LED operations and this can be done when the LED is less expensive to purchase.

        • I understand that there is lighting rebate money available for consumers who perform lighting retrofit work to their existing fixtures.
          Does Sher Lighting products qualify for these rebates?

          Yes. In locations that offer energy rebates, all of our customers have qualified and received such rebates. At Sher Lighting, our staff will assist our customers with the appropriate paperwork to receive these rebates. Following the completion of the lighting retrofit work, you will also qualify for the EPACT Tax Credit. You will want to provide your tax accountant with the paid invoice for this work to receive these tax credits.

        • Do you charge a restocking fee is I buy fixtures and decide to return them?

          A minimum 20% restocking fee is charge within (90) days of purchase. The returned fixture must be in re-salable condition and inspection and re-testing of these fixtures need to be performed. NO Conversion Kits can be returned for they are considered a "custom" product.

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